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At Bucket Bands, we began with a vision to create accessories that inspire a purpose-driven lifestyle. Founded in 2018 by Joanne and Christine, our bracelets initially sparked individual ambitions. As we grew, our focus shifted to impacting humanitarian issues.

Our collaboration with a local Veterans organization was a turning point. The immense gratitude and compassion we received for our assistance sparked a realization: our ability to affect change extended well beyond our personal goals. This sparked the creation of 'Live for a Cause,' a brand within our brand—a philanthropic platform. Each Bucket Band Bracelet, inscribed with the word 'Live,' represents this philosophy. Every bracelet's particular slider bead represents a charity that is accelerating donations for worthwhile causes.

Join us in this journey of style with purpose—where each bracelet isn't just an accessory but a catalyst for change. Together, let's craft a world where fashion meets compassion, where 'Live' isn't just a word on a bracelet but a commitment to making a difference.'

If you have a cause you 'Live' for please email us at


Joanne’s Story:

Joanne's journey defies limitations. Despite early setbacks in sports due to health challenges, her determination shone through. From being told she couldn't play soccer to becoming a three-sport varsity athlete and college soccer player, she surpassed expectations.

Facing knee and hip surgeries, Joanne redirected her goals toward completing the New York City Marathon, surpassing it, and conquering six marathons and two Iron Man triathlons. Her story isn't just about overcoming physical challenges; it's about setting new objectives, embracing life's adventures, and living her bucket list to the fullest.

Her resilience showcases that unwavering determination turns dreams into accomplishments. Joanne embodies Bucket Band's ethos—dreaming, doing, and wearing the remarkable journey of life with pride.

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