We created Bucket Bands to inspire people to set goals and to live. We all have goals. Whether you ran your first race or completed a marathon, wear your Bucket Bands to remind you everyday what you have done and where you are going.


Joanne’s Story:

I started my bucket list at the age of 12. I was born with a hip abnormality and told I would never be able to play sports, but that never stopped me. I set a goal for myself and was determined to play soccer and went on to be a three sport varsity athlete and a college soccer player.

I was well on my journey to becoming the athlete I always dreamed, so I thought. By 19 I needed knee reconstructive surgery, my soccer career was over and I was told I shouldn’t run anymore. I trained right, and I trained hard. I set some new goals for myself and was determined to one day run the New York City Marathon. A journey began for myself and I’m proud to say after 5 knee surgeries and 1 hip surgery I have completed over 6 marathons (4 New York City), and 2 Iron Man triathlons. Each year I set new goals whether it’s to climb a mountain or to scuba dive a new destination, I wear my bucket list proudly and keep setting new goals for myself as I hope you do for yourself.

I hope you wear your Bucket Band proudly. And when you achieve one goal, go the next step. Never have an ending, live with purpose, enjoy the journey, and live motivated! 

We hope to inspire and hear your stories...what’s on your list?

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