Live Motivated.

We promote a lifestyle motivated by your individual goals and dreams.

Wear your BucketBand as a daily reminder of what you have done and where you are going.

Customize your BucketBand with interchangeable message beads.

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Live for a Cause



 This is tremedous! Love that it's simple, clean and rugged and the fact that you can put your personal accomplishments, is fantastic. Going to be wearing it all the time!

Kevin Donoghue, Spartan Pro Team

Love my Bucket Band. I have a long list but love adding a few message bands each year. LIVE!

Bob Nystrom, former New York Islander

Love my Bucket Band! They are at every veteran race series and always supporting our veterans. They have personalizable tags for anything in your life.

Marybeth Schooley

Bucket Bands are two amazing ladies that created these celebrations bracelets. This next to my cross and is very important. I chose “Never Forget,” because you gotta embrace your past, your ups your downs, your falls... 

  Jesse Ruggiere

I spent one month on my back in recovery and just began walking again. A friend sent me a bucket band personalized with “Courage, Strength, 5K For Fighters”. Thank you Bucket Bands for the inspiration and support I needed at a most desperate time.

JoAnn Rivituso

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